That puppy is my puppy’s friend!

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There are a lot of vets in Ayshire in Scoltand but among these Ayrshire vets, one will stand out. The Ivybank vet for they provide puppy socialization to newly vaccinated puppies. This program allows puppies to interact with each other and also with other people at an early age. It also allows puppies to have other puppies as their friends. Having friends is not only essential for humans but for dogs as well. Through this way, puppies will not experience culture shock when they go out in the real world. It is also through this program that puppies’ confidence is boosted and makes them friendlier to humans and other dogs once they get out of the vet. Puppies are like human, if we do not train them at an early age, a lot of complications may arise in the future. Early ages for humans is very essential. It is during these years that we learn a lot of the things in the real world. One of...