How to Prepare Your Horses for a Vet Visit

By on Apr 16, 2016 in Pet / Animal Care | 0 comments

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The vet should be invited over to your stable regularly to do a check up on the horses. With the veterinarian’s regular check up, you can easily determine whether or not your horses are healthy. The veterinarian will also advise you on what you should do to improve your horses’ condition. Having a veterinarian come over for a home call visit will definitely be beneficial for you.

If you are calling a vet to come and visit the horses for a check up, then you have to prepare your stable really well. There are several preparation tasks you have to carry out to be able to have a smooth vet check up. Here are some of the things that you must prepare beforehand to make the check up a smoother experience not only for you and the vet but for the horses as well.


First, prepare a list containing the name of all the horses that you want your vet to see. It will be helpful if you can include any observations or concerns you may have regarding their health. These are those observations or concerns you wan the vet to pay close attention to.


Make the appointment. You have to inform the vet’s office about the number of equestrian animals that need to be seen as well as for what. By giving out these information, you can ensure the appointment is given enough time for addressing all of these issues. Moreover, giving out as much information as possible ensures the vet brings the appropriate equipment, supplies, medications, and such. If the vet comes fully prepared, then this will easily eliminate the need for a second visit. Also, do not forget to have the medical records of the horses in handy just in case the vet needs additional information regarding past veterinary visits.


Catch all of the horses that are scheduled for the vet visit. Clean them up for the examination even before the vet arrives. You have to make sure they are already relatively clean. Moreover, remove mud from the body to avoid overlooking conditions like swollen limbs and skin issues. It also prevents wasting time and reduce chances of infection when the horse needs injections.


Attempt to anticipate what the vet may need to get the check up done. If it is likely for the check up to include ultrasound exam, then you need power supply to be easily accessible. Warm water, stable footing, or other thenosebag.com products might be required as well.


If you are not going to be present for the vet check up, be sure to leave your contact information so that the vet knows where you can be contacted. The vet might need you to buy some thenosebag.com products that might be necessary for the check up. It might also be about the routine check up.


Be prepared to make a payment. Most vets these days require the payment exactly at the time they rendered the service. You might need to prepare your checkbook or credit card. Also, check if there are discounts you can take advantage of.

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