What are the Common Diseases of Pets?

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In order for your pet to live longer you have to monitor their health by taking care of them properly. The food and water that the pet is taking can make them live longer. But not only those that the pet owners need to consider but also how they will be able to know if their pet is doing well, without any health concerns. This is very important since your pet can’t talk and can’t tell if what they are feeling. It is better to be familiar with the diseases that pets can have and so you can be prepared for it.

Common Diseases of Pets1

There are common diseases that the dog and cats have. It is better to be educated regarding common pet diseases so you know how you can take care of it. The common causes of dog and cat disease are: bacterial diseases, parasitic infection, viral diseases and blood diseases. Definition of the common diseases that are affecting both of dogs and the cats: cat scratch disease is caused by bacterium Bartonella henselae; this involves lymph nodes, headache, fever, fatigue and loss of appetite. Another one is hookworm, cause by parasites, which involves pain, intestinal bleeding and swelling. Rabies is caused by rabies virus, headache, fever, agitation, confusion, hostility, and foaming in the mouth.

The other common diseases are: roundworm which is caused by parasite Toxocara which is canis to dogs, and then T. cati to cats which involves vomiting, diarrhea, swelling, abdominal pain and abnormal stools. Tapeworm is caused by parasites Taenia and Dipylidium caninum which involves scooting, excreting worm and weight loss. These are the few of the common diseases that the pet owner should be more familiar with so they can better handle their pets especially dogs and cats and so they know when to go to vet. But if you are not too familiar about the symptoms you can always visit vets Torquay as they are always knowledgeable about what is happening to your pet.

Common Diseases of Pets2

It is better to visit a vet rather than treating your pet on your own. You might be giving an incorrect medicine or treatment to your pet. It can affect your pet and can also cause you more than the right amount needed for your pet treatment. So better ask for the right people who can treat your pet. But maybe precautions can also be better than getting your pet’s health worse.

It is a big responsibility to have pets. You need to have time for you to give your attention to them. They are like member of the family that you need to give shelter, provide water and food and also be concern to their health. Your pet needs love and more care everyday as they mostly need it. Whenever you go to your vet, always ask what is best for your pet, what are the best food they can eat, what grooming that you can do for them without going to grooming, all of the necessary questions needed in order for you to successfully take care of your pet.

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